Friday, 23 April 2010

NAS hits back at estranged wife KELIS.

Nas is gunning for Kelis, he says that his estranged wife has put him through "Hell" using their son Knight as a porn in a sick game, making it nearly impossible for Nas to see him.

The celebrity couple have broken off there marrige after four years, they split in April last year, for a while it did look like they might get back together, but it never happened, lucky for Nas. Kelis was citing irreconcilable difference

s in her divorce papers, which happened to be filed just a couple months before birth of their son Knight.

This marital legal battle has been raging on for months now with no sign of a quick end to proceedings will cost Nas dearly, he has to pay back $87,000 in backdated child support and all Kelis legal bills. Nas has been pleading poverty saying he can't afford the $10,000 monthly payments, the judge in the case has been asked to take another look at Nas finances.

Nas has just said that kelis is making it nearly impossible for him to see his son on a regular basis, he recently told vibe mag, "My son was born with Ice Grills(Rich), when his Mum feels in the mood she sends pictures.

If not, it's hell. It's hell trying to figure that (visiting) out, trying to get him I'll just leave it at that. It's hell. A man shouldn't go through that s**t, but it's another story I'ma (sic) tell at a different time."


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  2. Hey I was wondering if i get the nas records now??

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